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It might seem like Western Medicine knows all of the answers to the baffling conditions that plague the human body’s most complicated organ – the brain. Yet even physicians have yet to discover the capacity of the human mind and treat the many ailments that afflict the mind. While medical traditions away from the West don’t use the very same processes and clinical standards, they are also older and might contain the secret to natural remedies for common problems.Ayurveda is an ancient healing Tradition from India that uses herbs to modulate the energies responsible for the functions of the body. According to Ayurvedic practitioners, conditions like ADHD are caused by an imbalance in Vatta energy, the energy that controls motion and electrical impulses in the body. Most of us need healthy amounts of Vatta for our bodies to work properly.

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However, too much Vatta can lead to hyperactivity, since it affects the motion of different energies within the body. The Ayurvedic herbs used to treat ADHD are herbs that calm down the Vatta. While clinical trials have yet to ascertain the effectiveness of these herbs, they appear to be a promising natural remedy for ADHD.Brahmi is among the most important herbs of Ayurvedic medicine. Brahmi is native to the marshy regions of India, and its curative properties come from the bacosides and saponins on its leaves. When purified bacopa extracts and bacosides were given to animals, researchers noticed they improved their psychological functions and learning capability. Brain scans on people also demonstrated that brahmi enhances the effects of the neurotransmitter’s GABA, serotonin, and acetylcholine. This may explain why brahmi is suggested to deal with depression and anxiety. Brahmi is also used as a natural antioxidant to protect cells and nutrients from free radical damage.

Traditional ayurvedic products online advocate taking 5-10 mg of powdered brahmi daily, but double-blind modern-day research on humans show that 300-450 mg of brahmi with 55% bacosides is best.Ashwagandha is plant from the Pepper family, however, Ayurvedic medicine uses its origins, not the fruits. Ashwagandha is famous for its apoptogenic properties, meaning it has multiple, non-specific actions that counteract the effects of stress and promote general well-being. The roots also contain chemicals known as tamanolides, which are the key active components of ashwagandha. Studies indicate that the molecular structure of tamanolides is very similar to that of Asian ginseng, another powerful natural remedy for ADHD.